Heating Control Systems

Heating Control Systems

Smart Controls and Thermostat Installation Services in Suffolk

If your central heating does not have good quality controls, your thermostats and heating system may not be able to keep the setting constant with any degree of accuracy. Smart thermostats allow you to set a constant temperature and they monitor and adjust the system so the temperature you have set is always maintained no matter what fluctuations there are in the ambient temperature or the weather outside. As professional installers, HeatPro has the experience and knowledge to fit a wide array of central heating smart control systems in your home, such as the one shown on this page from Honeywell.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats give you many features that will enhance your heating system. They provide features such as auto scheduling and remote control via your smartphone. This allows you to adapt your heating to your lifestyle, gives you automatic temperate control based on times of day, automatic adjustment to account for sunlight and gives you accurate readings on how efficient your central heating system is. Smart Central Heating control systems make it very easy to adjust the temperatures around your home and they will even show you how long it will take to heat up or cool down to your chosen setting. Some advanced smart controls will even measure humidity and adjust accordingly. All these together make your central heating system much more efficient and easier to live with, saving you money on your energy bills.

Smart Control

Benefits Of An Annual Service

  • 1 Testing Your Boiler for safe operation.
  • 2 Testing Carbon Monoxide and CO2 levels.
  • 3 Checking for Leaks.
  • 4 Testing your Gas Supply is safe and of the correct pressure.
  • 5 Testing your water supply is at the correct pressure.
  • 6 Checking your boiler circuits are operating at the correct pressure.
  • 7 Checking the fans and drains are working properly.
  • 8 Checking all the working parts are activating and working as they should be.
  • 9 Lubricating parts where necessary.
  • 10 Cleaning where needed, removing soot and debris.
  • 11 Checking operating of motors and diverter valves.
  • 12 Checking your boilers efficiency.

Keeping Your Central Heating Running Smoothly

No matter what type of thermostat or system you have its important to have your central heating system well maintained with regular preventative maintenance. At HeatPro we recommend you have your boiler checked and serviced at least once a year.

If your central heating system is underperforming, making noises, has an intermittent fault or you think your thermostat is not working correctly call us now, as Gas Safe registered central heating and boiler professionals with years of experience, we have the tools and knowledge to find and fix any faults, quickly and efficiently.


Wireless Heating Control Services in Suffolk

Another convenient type of smart heating control are wireless systems. These are also programmable, and we can install them in your home.

Having an efficient control system is key to ensuring your heating and hot water energy consumption is not spending you more money that it should be. Over 80% of the energy used in your home goes on hot water and heating, especially in the winter months. A smart control system will save you money due to being far more efficient.

It is now even possible with todays advanced technology to remotely control each radiator as well as the whole system, so you can have different temperatures in each room.

A lot us still think that having TRV’s fitted to our radiators means we don’t need a room thermostat, but this is a myth, because most boilers have an automatic override that will open all the valves causing your boiler to endlessly cycle.

By installing smart controls your boiler can be forced to turn off once your set temperature has been achieved, preventing the cycling. This will save you money on your heating bills. Most smart control systems will pay for themselves inside 24 months.

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We have the very latest testing equipment and specialised tools. This means we can always service your boiler or carry out a repair on your heating installation without damage or fuss.

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